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Technical Services

PC technical support, individual tutoring, and classes.  Many of our clients need assistance with the computer software and applications that will facilitate their work.  Technical support is important, too, when a PC crashes, the modem stops working, that email never arrives, the computer becomes sluggish and unreliable, favorite programs don't work properly, or any of a number of other problems arise.  We provide computer support locally, in person, and through remote-operations software or by phone for more distant clients.  Recent moves of support and customer functions overseas by major computer manufacturers and ISPs have made our USA-grown services even more valuable.

Resources for Learning Computer Skills

Basic Computer Skills (Word document)

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Computer Literacy Skills (PDF)


Mouse Exercises

Mousing Around-Games

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel Training Tutorial: Learn in 7 Days

MS Excel 2016 Tutorial

MS Excel 2016 New Features

How to Clog Up Your Computer in 10 Easy Steps


Tech Tips

Basic Internet Skills

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Production Services.  We offer our clients a number of production services including scanning and formatting of text, graphics, and photos associated with their manuscripts.  Also available is the full array of services for self-publishers from consultation and production coordination to desktop publishing.

Small Business Start-up Kits.  Other services include design and production of small-business start-up materials, color printing in small quantities for the new entrepreneur, and preparation of brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

Web Site Development & Hosting.  The Writer's PC site is quite simple and straightforward.  The key goal is functionality and ease of use.  For additional information, please visit Sangres Webs.

Internet Research.  Multidisciplinary research services are available to professionals in support of their work.  This skill often is required in our manuscript review process and is available to client authors as they develop their manuscripts, for example to confirm the publication data of references cited . 

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